Customer Delight Strategies: What to do so your audience falls in love with your business

A customer’s delight is always on my mind, and if you own a business and interact with people buying from you or reading your content, it’s something to think and strategize about. How do you make every interaction and experience as positive as possible? How do you make people feel good and remember you? How do you create loyalty and frequent buyers / readers? You can’t make people love you, but there are a lot of ways to promote happiness and loyalty within your target market!


“Heck yeah I want my audience to love me!”

Okay cool, let’s get started.


Start thinking about the modes of interaction you have with your community. Are you mainly talking to them on social media, email, when you ship a physical product, video call? Do you ever send personal notes through the mail? Think about all those interactions and what you’re doing to make them amazingly positive, feel good, and valuable.

Below are tried and true methods to help your target market fall in love with your business!

The Ultimate Email Etiquette Guide: How to keep your email inbox positive and productive!

As much as we may not like to, we are all spending time in one (or multiple) email inboxes everyday. Me? I’m in at least 2, sometimes up to 4 during the day, and dedicate 1-3 hours sending and responding to emails. That’s a lot of time, and a lot of emails. I love it and it's part of my job, but it's because I follow a couple of principles to make it that way!

I’ve learned that by following some simple email etiquette guidelines, I’m able to make my time in the inbox as positive, fast, and efficient as possible. And if everyone followed this rubric of etiquette, our collective email experience would be similar! 


Format for readability

Have you ever received an email that is one HUGE paragraph? It’s difficult to make any sense out of it, and it's so time consuming and frustrating to read. Break up your email into logical paragraphs, bold your questions or main points, use bullet points or numbered lists, and keep your message as concise as possible.


Do you feel like you want to murder your inbox at times? Like, when you go into your email you just want to archive everything and pretend the apocalypse happened to Google’s servers? Well, you don’t have to feel like this! 

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us are familiar with Google’s email service, Gmail. If not, and you’re still on Hotmail or AOL or MSN, come join the Gmail gang. I have a Gmail account for my personal email and one for my work email that I have through Google Apps (which allows me to have an (at) domain for my email -- super profesh). On top of those inboxes, I manage an email box for a team of 4 people for my work, which receives a high volume of emails everyday. All are happy, healthy, and organized inboxes that I check and manage daily.


You’ve met the virtual assistant of your dreams and just signed the contract. She’s seriously amazing --so knowledgeable, super organized, and right within your budget. OMG, you’re going to be saving so much time. There’s just one thing know how to run your business, but when it comes to packaging certain tasks in such a way for someone else to be able to do it, you’re drawing a blank, so you start to feel a little lost.

Talking about what you need --social management, uploading a blog post, writing thank you, sending emails, etc. --is easier than actually delegating tasks to your virtual assistant so it gets done like you completed the task yourself. Your meetings and emails all sound great, but the nuts and bolts are still needing to be figured out.

Your virtual assistant’s work is only as good as you delegating clear tasks to her.

In order to best utilize your virtual assistant to the fullest, there are a few items to make sure you’re communicating.