19 More Blog Post Ideas

Are you looking for more post ideas to finish up your Summer editorial calendar? Here are 19 ideas for your blog. | Beverly Bean

Hey friends! It’s time to finish out our Summer editorial calendars with strong topics and consistency! Trust me, I know how challenging it can be to continually come up with new post ideas that fit your brand and niche. That’s why I love coming up with these lists! If you want to write about exactly what the prompt says, go for it (and send me a link so I can read your post)! If a post topic gives you an idea for something else, that’s awesome, and still send me a link!

These post ideas are inspired by Summer, tea, creativity, and being a go-getter!

  • Summer time wishlist
  • How to stay cool this Summer
  • Summer mood board
  • Office Tour
  • Link Round-Up about 2-3 Topics
  • Review a product you trust, love, and use
  • Create 10 pinnable quotes
  • Feature an artist / writer / blogger
  • Your current travel essentials
  • Your goals + a follow-up post
  • Showcase how you organize your day
  • Write about a creative project you just finished
  • Tell a personal story with a strong take-home message
  • Write a gift guide for him / her
  • Are you really good at something? Write about it!
  • 15 Rants in 15 sentences 
  • Showcase your favorite cafe + beverage
  • Pinterest DIYs you’ve actually done
  • Create a Summer Playlist

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What post ideas will you be writing about? Share in the comments!