The Art Of Taking Your Time With Blogging

The Art of Taking Your Time With Blogging | Beverly Bean

Life is not a rat race. I for one hate to feel rushed with anything. If my husband and I need milk but have to be somewhere else within the hour, we eat dry cereal. Feeling rushed makes me anxious and grumpy and stressed, and it’s not a pretty sight. 

Your Creativity Isn’t Something to Rush
It’s as important to take your time with your blog or creative project as it is to slow down your life’s to do list to prevent unproductive busyness. This isn’t to say that when you are on a roll and have ideas shooting right and left that you suppress them. When ideas flow and epiphanies hit you, run with it! But when it comes to feeling like your blog is suffering because you’re not pinning, tweeting, writing, and reading everyone else’s new material 24/7, don’t stress. Make time work for you. You are amazing and can go at your own pace with your creativity. It’s allowed. 

Be Careful with Comparison
A big part of feeling rushed is because we feel like we have to keep up with someone else’s amazing blog. Maybe this blogger is posting everyday, creating a booty load of ebooks, and always seems present on social media. They have it all! Or so it seems. Every blogger has down times, so don’t feel like you have to be running around to keep up. If you have too much to do and feel overwhelmed, schedule out your tweets for the day, and maybe read only 2 or 3 blog posts. Work on writing your next high quality, tantalizing post showcasing your awesomeness. If you must compare yourself with other bloggers, do it in a way that is positive and productive.


Don’t do this: “I love how she writes longer posts. I’m just not cool enough to do that. Gosh, I stink.”

Do this: “I love how she writes longer posts! I’m going to brainstorm and get one up next week!”

Let other people’s successes and body of work fuel you to be the best creative you can be. There’s no need to be rushed and full of stifling envy towards other creatives.  

Results Come with Time
Rushing your blog to try and get instant results shouldn’t be a goal. I wouldn’t believe anyone who has a get rich quick promise. It’s never true and you’re losing precious time and money thinking otherwise. When you’re blogging, building your community, utilizing social media, and being consistent, you will gain traction and see results. Those blogger powerhouses (ahem ...Regina, Sarah, Erika), all started from step one. They got scrappy in the beginning and they put in the time to achieve their incredible blogs and business visions. So don’t stress, you got this. 

You’ll Never be Completely Ready
Maybe you’re not ready to post everyday; maybe you never need to be ready. Push yourself to deliver the best content and design you are able to create. If that means two posts per week, perfect. Again, your pace is the best pace. Launching into your blog now and tweaking as you go will enable you to evolve your project to whatever produces the best results. This is true with content, design, and building your tribe on social media. Jump right in, make some noise, give lots of shout outs, and launch now. I know that for me and this blog, I launched with Blogger using the Simple Template to have an initial space to write and share. I didn’t know, and will never completely know, all I need to about blogging and business, or how to be the best creative force possible. That’s okay though. I’m getting my feet wet, knees dirty, and head in the game as I course my way through. You can launch something before you’re completely ready, because let’s be honest, that moment never really happens. 

Taking your time and not rushing is so important to ensuring that you stick with your blog, business, and creativity. All in all, you do you, and don’t eat dry cereal. 

How do you make sure you take part in the art of taking your time? What is a piece of advice you would give to a fellow blogger and creative?