How To Blog Like a Boss

How to Blog like a Boss: 5 Pro Tips - Beverly Bean

Along any journey, whether big or small, lessons are learned. In some moment, there's a take away that makes you stop and think; something that makes you smarter and maybe even more efficient. Blogging is a journey. The kind of blogger I was when I started and what I'm doing now is different, because of the lessons I have learned.

We all need some pro tips of encouragement and advice when it comes to our blogs and sticking with it like a boss. Maybe you're getting overwhelmed with all of the scheduling you have (you might was to read The Art of Taking Your time with Blogging for that). Maybe you need to find your optimal time to create so you aren't so scattered. There are a lot of situations that we find ourselves in that keep us from doing the work to achieve our goals. These are my five lessons, or pro tips, that I think are helpful to think about. Take a step back and consider how you fit in each of them. 

DON'T GET SIDETRACKED There are so many awesome blogs to explore, posts to read, instagram pictures to double tap, shopping. Before you know it, you've spent 3 hours looking at everyone's amazing content and buying a new sweater that you've lost time to work on your blog! Dedicate some distraction-free time to work on building your blog. Stumbling upon your new favorite blogger or instagram profile is fantastic, but keep your valuable time in check.

BANISH PROCRASTINATION This goes right along with not getting sidetracked. If you keep a schedule and stay organized, you should be right on track with keeping your post schedule in tact. I use this planner to help me with themes and content planning. If you know an upcoming week is going to be hectic, write a couple of posts ahead of time so your blog stays current and you stay present. Be prepared! Also, if there is a post that you want to write that requires research, schedule some research time so you don't have to ingest and regurgitate info. Readers see through that and it lessens your credibility on the subject. Basically, take your time, don't procrastinate and be thoughtful with your posts! 

BRAIN STORM + WRITE WRITE WRITE Always be writing. If you need some sweet ideas, visit this post. You don't have to publish everything, but practice makes progress to becoming a better blogger! Make writing one of your crafts; your skill that you bring to your blog that makes your readers love to read your content. Writing well is essential to conveying your message clearly, with the tone you want, and as succinctly as possible (because nobody likes filler noise). Keep your ideas, notes, articles to refer back to, and other resources organized and handy. This way, when you have the creative juice to write, you'll have a cache of resources to come up with more content! 

LIVE LIFE OUTSIDE OF YOUR BLOG You have to get out of your normal space and live life if you want to have anything to blog about! Explore your neighborhood and city to take pictures, visit a new cafe, talk to your local bookstore owner, go to a museum. Getting out an taking initiative for your day makes life fun and spontaneous! Seeing something outside of your usual space may spark a new idea, a new design to try, or you'll simply capture a great picture. You never know what amazing things could happen, but you especially won't know if you stay a hermit for too long. I am a proud home body, but I've noticed that if I make myself get out of my usual space, I'm happier and more energized with my projects!

KNOW THAT BLOGGING IS HARD Blogging takes a lot of time and effort, so don't be fooled by anyone that tells you otherwise. There are so many items to work on when it comes to writing posts, managing social media, designing, and editing. The end goal is to hopefully have your blog be noticed and appreciated by lots of like-minded people. But blogging is also a means in itself, not just a means to an end. You can and should enjoy running your blog because it's a place for you to display your creativity. Have a structure and a core to your blog. Write down your mission statement, your purpose, and your plan of action (I wrote this Manifesto). This will help you keep grounded, focused, and hopefully motivated to keep blogging, even when it's difficult. 

Hopefully these pro tips that I have learned from blogging help you with your blog! Don't be discouraged, just take it one step at a time and you'll be great. Promise! 

What are your blogging pro tips?