Tea Time No. 1 | Rooibos + Dark Chocolate

Tea Time No. 1: Rooibos + Dark Chocolate | Beverly Bean

I have professed my love of tea countless times on Twitter and Instagram, and even shared some tea love over at Feast + West here. It’s high time I start the Tea Time series and share my favorite combination with you, hot rooibos tea with dark chocolate! Rooibos is an herbal tea made from African Red Bush, and is caffeine free. It can be served hot or iced, and has a very robust, earthy flavor. Occasionally I will add in some milk, but I usually make rooibos without any add ins, including sugar. If you’ve never had it before though, you may enjoy it with them as it will ease you into rooibos’ commanding taste.

Tea Time No. 1 | Rooibos + Hot Chocolate - BeverlyBean.com

Why rooibos tea with dark chocolate? Well, I’ll be honest, I tried it on a whim and realized that it was a match made in heaven. You may think that either have too strong of flavors and that they would butt heads. It’s the exact opposite, they synchronize so well that rooibos and chocolate has become my favorite afternoon treat! With dark chocolate, one simple rich square is enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. The calming effect of the tea brings the edible experience full circle. A nibble of chocolate and a sip of tea does wonders to making the day happier.

To perfectly steep your rooibos tea, heat up some water to nearly boiling, drop in the tea bag for 2-3 minutes, give is a good stir and pat in the cup, and voila! If you want, add milk and sugar to taste. Add that side of dark chocolate, and trust, you’ll be in heaven. A bar that I recently picked up was from Alter Eco, which I highly recommend!

What are you favorite tea combinations?