The 10 Commandments Of Twitter

The 10 Commandments of Twitter | Beverly Bean

Twitter is my jam. I love everything about it. I love finding people to follow, replying to tweets, and favoriting like it’s going out of style (but trust me, it’s not). I love being able to talk about what’s on my mind, participate in Twitter chats, and feel connected!

Are you looking into Twitter and aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve been on Twitter a while and just aren’t too jazzed about it. I get it! I came back to the platform after over a year of hiatus last year. I didn’t get it then, but this time I dove in head first and let me tell you, the water is fiine. There is so much to do and gain from using Twitter and interacting with other people! To help you along your journey and turn you into a Twitter ninja, here are 10 commandments to follow:


Seems reasonable, right? Well, not everyone has common sense, but even more so, it’s easy to get sucked into what the trolls are saying, or taking offense to how some worded their 140 characters. Your presence online should always be courteous, too. Even if you’re declining something. If someone looks spammy or makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t react, just unfollow and/or block.


If you want someone to like your tweets, like theirs!! Reciprocation is key, and it’s so easy to be free with your likes. I love seeing that people like a tweet of mine, and I love hitting that star for them whenever I can! Don’t only expect people to love your feed, but give some love back!


Are you a lifestyle blogger / brand that wants to reach out more? Tweet some amazing quotes, ask questions, or share a simple, uplifting thought. Doing this has given me a lot of wonderful reception with my followers! These types of tweets are applicable to them and add a little encouragement and sunshine. One person that has this down to a science is Emily Thomas! She’s always sharing uplifting, hilarious, and relevant content on her Twitter!


How easy is it to text your friend and have a fun, hilarious conversation? You could almost say it’s second nature, right?! Apply the same thinking to Twitter, and you’ll realize that you’re simply talking to other people who have awesome things to say too.


There’s no formula to how many links your should / shouldn’t be sharing, especially of other blogger’s posts. Share enough so you’re showing interest for your community! Of course tweet about your own content several times throughout the week! Just remember, too many links and you’ll look like a robot. No one likes a robotic Twitter account.


Nothing makes a tweet stand out more than including a photo! They are show stoppers on Twitter feeds, so post them regularly. If you want to post your Instagram photo to Twitter, consider using IFTT, or copying the share link and pasting it into your tweet while posting the picture. Make your photo easy to access so people can see how awesome it is!


If you’re on Twitter and feeling disconnected from talking to other like minded people, than you need to join in on a Twitter chat! There are plenty to choose from, and one is bound to be on a topic that you love. Real people, talking in real time. It’s fabulous. Some of my current favorites are #CreateLounge, #NectarChat, #BlissChat, #ElleChat, and #CreativeCoffeeHour. Check out this calendar to find more!


If you want your Twitter to be successful and have a lot of engagement, you have to be consistent. One tweet every three days isn’t going to cut it! If you’re worried about being regularly present, Buffer is going to become your best friend. Schedule out some tweets during times you know you’re not going to be able to be on Twitter. Buffer is also great when you have a lot of tweets in your head and want to spread them out!


Don’t give your address and phone number! That’s not the kind of personal I’m talking about. Do make your tweets drip with personality and pizazz. Keep your blog, business, or personal brand vision at the forefront, and have fun with the rest!


It’s going to take time for you to find your rhythm with Twitter. Try things out, see what works, and adjust accordingly.

It’s time to get tweeting! Here’s what I’m talking about right now:

What are your favorite things about Twitter? What do you not like about it? Share your story in the comments!

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