What I've Invested in for My Business

What I've Invested in for My Business | Beverly Bean

I’ve been investing is some really cool things for my business lately, and I wanted to share! I love reading insider posts from other bosses, especially what they are spending their hard earned dollars on. As solopreneurs, we want the most bang for our buck, and we want each course or product to be awesome and helpful.

PO Box - $41 for six months

It’s always more safe to have people send you mail to a PO Box than to your home. It’s also super professional to have a box when you are looking for sponsors or clients send you mail. I just got mine this week! Please feel free to send me awesomeness to PO Box 13111, Wauwatosa, WI, 53213. If you’re still not convinced on renting a box, read this article from Danielle.

Custom Email through Google Apps - $50

It took me way too long, but the $50 I spent to have a custom email address (bev [at] beverlybean [dot] com) was one of the best investments ever. I instantly felt more professional, and I honestly believe that I have received more emails for virtual assisting work because of it. If nothing else, choose a good name for your gmail account, but I would definitely recommend getting a custom email!

Biz Cards - $22

I’ve recently been converted to having business cards. My order was placed yesterday, and I’m excited to include them in my thank you notes to clients, use them in my instagram, post them to cafe boards, and hand them to creative biz owners I meet! It’s just that little extra something making your business more complete. Sneak peak below!

Screenshot 2015-10-02 01.12.43.png
Screenshot 2015-10-02 01.14.09.png

Busy Boss Ladies E-course - $97

I love taking this self-paced course from Caitlin Bacher of Little Farm Media. She is full of amazing insight and strategies for social media, and I am a better social media manager for my clients because of it! Sometimes investing in courses can be really scary, but go with your gut and take the plunge. Continuing education for your business is essential to your growth.

Fonts - $30

Sometimes free fonts just won’t cut it. With the help of my design and branding coach, Susannah from Garnishing Co., I was able to choose some stellar fonts for my log and graphics. I’m so happy that I purchased them.

Books - $30

Last weekend I was making my weekly Costco trip, as you do, and I couldn’t help but pick up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Brené Brown’s Rising Strong. These two incredible women were on the Big Magic podcast, and you don’t want to miss that episode. Books are the perfect investment in your business. Reading creates more work-life balance, and your time is spent wisely by expanding your mind and soul.

What investments have you made in your business lately?

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