31 YouTubers To Watch & Love

31 YouTubers To Watch + Love | Beverly Bean

So here's something you didn't know about me: I'm obsessed with YouTube. I don't use the word obsessed lightly either. Here's how I know: 1) I would rather watch Youtube than regular TV any day and most of the time do, 2) I love seeing real people make videos and talking about something they love, and 3) if I were given the choice to go to Disney World or watch a day's worth of new videos on YouTube, I would choose Disney World. I may be obsessed, but I'm not insane. 

So here's a little peak into what I'm watching and which YouTubers are making amazing content for you to check out! 


Booktube is an amazing community where people are making videos all about the books they love, the books they hate, and anything else book related. 

BooksandQuills >> A bookish Dutch-ess living in the UK!

Gingerreadslainey >> Her Top 5 Wednesday vids are killer awesome. 

Peruse Project >> She's funny, she reads a variety of genres + she has a pug.

Lindsey Rey >> She reads a TON + has amazing reviews of TONS of books. 

Jen Campbell >> Learn as much about life as you do the books she shows.

Ariel Bissett >> She's funny, real, Canadian, and awesome. 

Little Book Owl >> So many good recommendations + funny videos from Cat

Joel Books >> He's hilarious. 

NayaReadsandSmiles >> Super cute + super fun. 

MyLittleBookshelf >> Stellar book recs + reviews. 

Whitty Novels >> Just found her + I love her jokes in each video! 

Beauty / Lifestyle

There are so many beauty and lifestyle channels talking about all things cosmetics, fitness, fashion, skincare, food, and what's trending. 

Pixiwoo >> These sisters are the perfect duo. And Real Techniques brushes are the bomb. 

Patricia Bright >> One stop shop lady boss. 

SprinkleofGlitter >> Wife, mom, superwoman.

Amelia Liana >> Her laugh is contagious + her makeup is on point.

The Kitchy Kitchen >> Food, life, love + lots of gold flatware.

Essie Button >> The only thing this girl can't do is not make you smile.

Tanya Burr >> She's down to earth + does amazing tutorials.

Tati >> If it's new, Tati is going to review it and give you a no nonsense review!

Ingrid Nilsen >> Beauty + lifestyle make a beautiful mix on her channel.

Lisa Eldridge >> The queen of makeup. 

Other Must Watch Channels

These are the channels that are educational, blogging related, and funny. I couldn't quite categorize them, but they are just as worth watching and subscribing to. 

The Blog Beautician >> Practical + actionable blog advice.

byRegina >> She wrote the blogging bible.

Charlieissocoollike >> He's funny + into all the good causes. 

Mary Elizabeth >> Beautify your home + laugh at the same time. 

Emily Diana Ruth >> She's so real + makes beautiful videos.

Hank's Channel >> Oh Hank.

Vlog Brothers >> Some of my biggest perspective influencer.

How to Adult >> Life tutorials! Don't forget my post with lots of pro tips. 

CGP Grey >> Get educated with this guy! 

Being Boss Podcast  >> See what lipstick Kathleen + Emily are wearing. 


It's impossible for me to know all of the awesome YouTubers out there, so I want to know your favorites!! Share in the comments so we can all discover more awesome, creative people!