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Be A Virtual Assistant Starter Course

FREE 6 part training to get your business setup and booked out.


Be in control of your work, your schedule, and how much freedom you have you to live the life you want!

Virtual assisting is all about being in a supportive role for others, and I'm going to show you a behind the scenes look on how you can get started.

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Ready to start building your virtual assisting business and create more freedom?

Click below to join - it's completely free!

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What's included in this free training?







I'll walk you through the following steps:


Do fulfilling work, wherever you are.

Work from home, work from a cafe, work from Europe! All you need is your laptop.

Learn how to market skills you already have.

Use the skills you already have and turn them into services you can market as a virtual assistant.

Take action and get booked.

Follow the steps and you'll be set to book your first client, or three. I know you can do it!


About the Instructor

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Hey friend! I'm Bev, virtual assistant unicorn, lover of birkenstocks, wife, and momma.

I know what it's like to want to start a virtual assisting business with no clue on how to do it.

When I was first getting started, I didn't want to even spend $10 on an ebook about virtual assisting, which is why I've made this training completely free to help you ditch the hesitation and jump in.

Now I'm blending life and work exactly on my terms and helping my clients 10x their businesses as their partner in productivity.

I didn't do anything radical to get where I am now, but I did find out the best way to start by business and book amazing clients, which is what I want for you!


Are you ready to stop dreaming and become a virtual assistant? Let's get started together - it's free!