5 Business Podcasts You Need To Listen To

5 Amazing Podcasts You Need To Listen To | Beverly Bean

Podcasts are the bomb dot com. 

It's like listening to talk radio on the AM airwaves, but fun and enjoyable! 

You can tailor hours of listening to your interests, and there's a podcast for everyone.

Make your commutes and workdays zip by and be productive while simply listening.

Lately I've been obsessed with podcasts centered around business and lifestyle. They have been so eye opening and insightful while I work on this blog and what I can offer you. 

I'm 99.6% sure that you will love them too. (gave myself a +/- 0.4% confidence interval, just in case). 

Here are five podcasts for amazing listening: 

Being Boss.jpg

1. BEING BOSS // iTunes | Stitcher

This is by far my favorite podcast this year. Being Boss is hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, two creative entrepreneurs that are rocking it. Their personalities and the way they mesh together giving amazing advice is so fun and valuable to listen to. 




2. THE LIVELY SHOW // iTunes | Stitcher

Jess hosts her podcast like she's been doing it for 17 years. Her interviewees include Erin Loechner, Carolyn Rector, Pat Flynn, Joy Wilson, and many more amazing people. A big focus of The Lively Show is to live life with intention, as well as showcase the people who have made a name for themselves in the world of online business. A must listen!


3. SMART PASSIVE INCOME // iTunes | Stitcher

If you want to listen to someone who is down-to-earth, realistic, and gives his knowledge and advice freely, Pat Flynn is your new friend. Along with the Smart Passive Income podcast, there is also a blog and YouTube channel centered around making a lifestyle you can enjoy through creating a business of passive income streams. Pat inspired me to write this blog post!


4. ONLINE MARKETING MADE EASY // iTunes | Stitcher

I discovered Amy's podcast just last week and I've already learned so much from just a few episodes. Online marketing seems like something only the big corporation needs, but you too can be strategic and influential by implementing her advice! She also has wonderful interviewees including none other than Marie Forleo. Loving Amy Porterfield! 


5. INC. UNCENSORED // iTunes

Want to be in the know with new startups and the current business landscape. Inc. Uncensored talks about everything from a yoga company acting like a Starbucks to the future of drones and robots. These fun episodes come to you in less than 30 minute segments, making it perfect for your commute or stroll. 

What podcasts do you listen to? Share your recommendations!