The Best Gmail Labs to Use for Business

The best Gmail labs to enable for your inbox. These labs are going to make managing your email so much easier! Check it out now.

Do you feel like you want to murder your inbox at times? Like, when you go into your email you just want to archive everything and pretend the apocalypse happened to Google’s servers? Well, you don’t have to feel like this! 

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the majority of us are familiar with Google’s email service, Gmail. If not, and you’re still on Hotmail or AOL or MSN, come join the Gmail gang. I have a Gmail account for my personal email and one for my work email that I have through Google Apps (which allows me to have an (at) domain for my email -- super profesh). On top of those inboxes, I manage an email box for a team of 4 people for my work, which receives a high volume of emails everyday. All are happy, healthy, and organized inboxes that I check and manage daily.

Insert the 5 Gmail labs that you need to be using ASAP to make your time in your inbox bearable, and even enjoyable! 


1. Canned Responses


2. Mark as Read Button


3. Unread Message Icon


4. Multiple Inboxes 


5. Preview Pane


BONUS: Right-side chat


Utilizing these Gmail labs are going to help you get through your emails faster, send quick responses, and have a more user-friendly experience in your inbox. Imagine a clean, organized, happy inbox! I love these labs, and hope you pick one or two or six to use.

Did I miss any amazing Gmail labs?! Let me know in the comments. I want to check them out!