How to nail your customer service strategy

How do you handle the customer service for your business? Make sure your audience and customers are having the best experience! Plus a free workbook to nail your customer service everytime.

A customer’s delight is always on my mind, and if you own a business and interact with people buying from you or reading your content, it’s something to think and strategize about. How do you make every interaction and experience as positive as possible? How do you make people feel good and remember you? How do you create loyalty and frequent buyers / readers? You can’t make people love you, but there are a lot of ways to promote happiness and loyalty within your target market!


“Heck yeah I want my audience to love me!”

Okay cool, let’s get started.


Start thinking about the modes of interaction you have with your community. Are you mainly talking to them on social media, email, when you ship a physical product, video call? Do you ever send personal notes through the mail? Think about all those interactions and what you’re doing to make them amazingly positive, feel good, and valuable.

Below are tried and true methods to help your target market fall in love with your business!

Write thank you notes

A handwritten thank you note speaks volumes! This is your excuse to go buy fun stationery to send to your customers, clients, colleagues, contributors, and special readers! The postal service is alive and thriving, and there’s just something about getting a letter in the mail that has more charm than an email or an egift card. Of course, if those are your options, use them! But a physical note is the premium choice.


Frame your words positively

Customer delight isn’t always about keeping happy customers happy, but helping more sour ones become neutral, or hopefully happy! Even when you’re declining a refund, responding to an unsavory review, or mitigating another issue, frame your words in such a way that firmly delivers your stance while keeping it positive. There’s never a need to get nasty! 


Make it feel pretty

Use the senses! If it’s digital, make it visually ooze with your beautiful brand. If you’re sending something, put a little extra thought into how things are packaged and the experience there. You don’t have to put frills into your customer delight strategy, but make sure you’re putting a little heart into what you’re delivering!


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Always be honest / realistic

Think about it. Have you ever been totally distraught when a business said, “Hey, it’s going to take an extra 2 days for your purchase to get there, but please know that we’re working our hardest to expedite your order!” Probably not! Why? Because they were transparent and upfront about the situation. If something happens in your business that is going to cause a delay, don’t try and hide it. Be honest! More often than not, the reaction from customers will be neutral or even positive that you took initiative to look out for them!

Be realistic with yourself and what your business can do. Only then can your customer be realistic in their expectations of you.

Be realistic with yourself and what your business can do. Only then can your customer be realistic in their expectations of you.

Give first

We’ve all heard that giving value to your target market is absolutely essential before trying to pitch something to sell to them. It’s worth reiterating here! Be giving. It build trust and loyalty like no other strategy.


Be prompt

Time is everything. Speediness is important to customers! If there’s a way to deliver your product faster to your customer without sacrificing quality, it’s probably a good idea to implement it! This also goes with your response time to customer questions. Either make a 24/7 resource for them to go to, or set the expectation of when you will be able to respond to any questions. Better yet, do both! FAQ’s are always good to equip your customers with information, and it reduces the emails you get with common questions!


Point to existing resources

Sometimes your audience needs a little help to know all the resources you have for them! When you’re presented with a question that you already have a resource for, send it there way. They’ll be thrilled!



One of the biggest strategies in customer delight is to acknowledge feelings and where people are coming from. Take time to listen, learn, and empathize before pushing your business’ initiative. People want to be heard and understood, and if you do that, you’re creating an unparalleled experience for them.


Anticipate the next question

Always be one step ahead of your customer and think about what they are going to want or ask for next. When you do this, you’re giving them so much for value because you’re doing the leg work for them! This is your time to let your business shine and guide your customer through a process and experience that is awesome. Whether it’s in an email or with your online course or your physical product, think ahead and create an enjoyable journey!


Keep your target market in mind in not only how to sell to them, but how to make them feel like you are the best business to buy from because their experience with you is top notch. People put a lot of weight in the experience and interaction businesses give them. If someone goes to one business that has a lackluster customer delight strategy, they’re going to go across the street, or to the next online biz for a better experience and similar product. Make sure you grab hold of them with not only an awesome product, but a memorable, positive experience. 

Don’t forget to download the Customer Delight worksheet so you can start strategizing how your target market can fall in love with you!

Get your Customer Delight Strategy Worksheet!

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