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FASTer Way to Fat Loss: How to Get Started

FASTer Way to Fat Loss: How to Get Started

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Faster way to fat loss: how to get started! Learn about how intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and specific workouts will help you lose stubborn fat and feel your best. Read the full review!

The beginning of the year has come on gone. Maybe you’ve made some goals that have already fallen by the wayside. Maybe some goals have stuck around.

Maybe you really want a FASTer Way to Fat Loss because your goal this year, and beyond, is to feel your best.

You want to feel strong. You want to feel happy. You want to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Fat loss and fitness were some of my biggest goals to work on in 2019. I knew that I needed to make a true habit and mindset shift in order to feel like I was my best self. But not in a quick fix way. I wanted a way to lose weight that was sustainable, fun, and became a part of my life.

My fitness story.

I feel like a narrative I’ve told myself my whole life is that I am the round-faced chubby girl who isn’t strong, can’t run a mile, can’t do a sit up, can’t do a push up, and that being physically fit “just isn’t my body type.” That I have “big bones.”

I remember having thoughts like this since I was four or five years old, and it’s taken years to get where I am today and shed those garbage narratives.

Fitness is something that I’m *finally* viewing and trying to live as a lifestyle. Not as some stressful, shame-ridden task where I feel less-than and uncomfortable in my own body.

If my story is anything like yours, I feel for you. I know the pain, I know the insecurity, and I know how much of a downward spiral it can put you in. It sucks, I’ve been there.

That’s why when I started going to the gym regularly, even if my workout that day wasn’t anything to Instagram about. Most importantly, I started being kinder to myself.

I’ve also started living the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle, which has been pivotal in my fitness journey.

My FASTer Way to Fat Loss Review: How does it work

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss program is a combination of several nutrition and workout methods that the founder Amanda Tress has expertly laid out into a doable program.

If intermittent fasting, carb cycling, high intensity interval training, weight lifting, coaching, macros, and carbohydrates are all words that scare the crap out of you, the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program takes all of it and wraps it up into a sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t leave you wilted and deprived trying to lose fast, eat well, and feel strong.

When you start FASTer Way to Fat Loss you get a prep week where you can really take your time and get a feel for what the program is going to be like. And for me, the biggest thing to practice was intermittent fasting (I actually started before prep week since I knew I wanted to do the program).

All about intermittent fasting.

I highly recommend starting with intermittent fasting and focussing on your nutrition first. Try to start fasting from 8pm at night to noon the next day.

Be gentle on yourself and work up to it! Maybe you end your fast at 8pm but break your fast at 9 or 10am the next day. That’s okay! Keep pushing off breaking your fast in increments and you’ll get super good at it.

The intermittent fasting and nutrition guidelines are my favorite part about FASter Way to Fat Loss.

It’s taught me to prep my meals beforehand (or at least have an idea of what I’m going to make for my meals), and be SUPER intentional. I don’t feel light-headed in the morning, I feel absolutely satiated throughout the day, and most surprisingly to me, working out when fasting feels amazing.

To learn more about intermittent fasting (carb cycling, and tracking macros) before you get started, click here to head to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss website and scroll down until you see these options:

Side benefit, I’m WAY more regular when I fast and give my body time to digest food instead of waking up and eating a big breakfast. Okay, we’re best friends now, I’m talking about pooping ❤️

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Workouts

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss workouts are easy to follow, and you have home, gym, and low impact options every single day. Sometimes I have to workout at home even though I prefer the gym, and sometimes I grab a mix of moves and circuits from the three options depending on how I’m feeling that day.

And if you don’t know how to do an exercise move from the workout that day, there are videos for everything!

I watch the video a couple times before doing the move at home or at the gym.

It can feel super intimidating to work out, especially if you’re just starting. But count it as a win if you showed up for yourself and tried. Progress, not perfection!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss Community

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Facebook groups are the real show of the entire program.

You’ll be in one large group with everyone, and that’s where Amanda will do live trainings, and then you’re put into smaller groups by the end of the week you join.

You'll have a couple of dedicated coaches in your group to support you. You’re never left out and can ask as many questions you need to.

I LOVE the support you get. It feels like a family.

They have such a good system and this is such a value add that so many programs don’t have. Accountability when you’re losing weight is huge! You’re not a number in this program. You are remembered and the FASTer Way to Fat Loss coaches really care about your success.

Is FASTer Way to Fat Loss worth it?

My plans going forward are to continue the FASTer Way to Fat Loss nutrition and workout regimen as an incorporated part of my life. I’ve never said this about any other program!

It’s completely worth it. The $200 I spent to really dig deep into my nutrition, how I think about food, and solidify intermittent fasting, all while having amazing support in a small, active community was worth every penny.

Main Benefits of the Program

You get such a good structure for nutrition and working out. I plan to stick with intermittent fasting, carb cycling, tracking macros, and the workout plan. The best part (aside from being able to eat carbs like a normal person)? That huge list feels totally doable to me and not something that I have to stress over.

Another big positive was that I learned that carbs are GOOD thing. Ladies, eat your carbs! It’s not all about protein, and the program really teaches about using food as fuel WHILE enjoying foods you love and not feeling deprived.

Faster way to fat loss: how to get started! Learn about how intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and specific workouts will help you lose stubborn fat and feel your best. Read the full review!

The workout schedule is totally doable and not insane. I was going to the gym very consistently before starting FWTFL, but now I have a better idea of what I should be doing at the gym, on which days, and how to fit it all together into a healthy lifestyle I love.

I’ve learned enough from the program and have gotten enough support from the Faster Way to Fat Loss coaches that I can sustain this on my own.

And isn’t that the whole point? Finding a program like FASTer Way to Fat Loss that will work for you, give you the support you need, and see the results you want in your mind and body.

You can do this:

If you want to change your mind, your body, your relationship with food, it’s starts with a desire and a choice. Be gracious to yourself!

Whether you look into FASTer Way to Fat Loss or some other program, wishing you health and happiness!