How to start a virtual assistant business

How to start your virtual assistant business. Get the scoop on how to get started with ideas on services you can offer, PLUS a free 6 part training to kickstart your website and services. |

Whenever I’m asked what I do for work, I love saying that I’m a virtual assistant for busy business owners and entrepreneurs. People usually look at me and likely think that I work in a call center, taking inbound calls and waiting for the clock to strike five. 

But virtual assisting is FAR from that. You set your own schedule, decide exactly what services you’d love to offer, and you get to work with amazing clients and help them achieve their own big business goals. 

I like to say that a virtual assistant is someone who knows how to perform specialized tasks to support business owners and save them time so they can focus on what they love. 

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about what a virtual assistant is:

"A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant)[1] is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office." - Wikipedia

It’s as simple as that.

These specialized services can really be anything that you love doing and that a business owner would want to pay you for to help save them time.



"Virtual assisting" is a very broad umbrella, so let’s break it down into smaller categories and specific types of tasks.

Administrative tasks like email management, running reports, collecting data, moderating Facebook groups, handling billing processes for customers.

Technical tasks such as setting up an email service, webinar, funnel, or website maintenance. 

Personal assisting tasks like making phone calls to schedule appointments, researching, sourcing and buying gifts.

Any other set of specialized services for video editing, designing, social media management, etc.

Being a virtual assistant can mean all of these things! For a more detailed list of the tasks virtual assistants can do, head over to this article.


The location independence that a virtual assistant has is one of the most attractive benefits. 

Military spouse? 

Digital nomad?

Band manager on tour looking for a side hustle? 

Parent who isn’t able to commute to an office or traditional job everyday?

Being a virtual assistant is flexible enough for all of these situations! Your computer and the internet are the only tools you need, and they can be as mobile as you are. 


Real life, this is me in my home office! Nothing special, just me getting the work done. Note the toys and birkenstocks in the background because like I said, real life.

Start a virtual assisting business in a home office!


Another benefit of virtual assisting is that it doesn’t take a ton of money or resources to get started. 

Be A Virtual Assistant Starter Course

FREE 6 part training to get your business setup and booked out.

When it comes to starting a business and providing services for other business owners, virtual assisting is a model that has one of the lowest barriers to entry. 

You need a website with information about who you are and the VA services you offer, and you need to start looking for opportunities to meet with business owners.

You could set up your website with services and pricing in a day and start looking for clients.

Ultimately a virtual assistant is a supportive role. You’re supporting an extremely busy business owner by absorbing tasks that are taking up too much of their time and energy. 

The last benefit I’d love to mention is you get to learn so much as a virtual assistant. Your skills can always be sharpened and your client work never has to be boring with so many new strategies to learn. 

And you get to be behind the scenes working for interesting businesses. 

Virtual assisting really is a completely unique experience with all of these benefits and more. Working in yoga pants all day? Yes please! 


Virtual assisting is ever evolving as the needs of business owners change. As a virtual assistant, you can decide to offer the services you only love doing. 

If you’re thinking of starting your own virtual assisting business, you’re in the right place to receive all the resources you need to get started and get paid for doing something you enjoy.

I even created a completely FREE 6 part training just for YOU so you can dip your toes into what it's actually like to start and run a virtual assisting business:

I’ve been a virtual assistant for a couple of years and came from a corporate insurance job, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve been able to learn and grow so much in the online business space, and the people I’ve gotten to work with have been incredible. 

If you're ready to get started, jump into the free training so you can do fulfilling working, wherever you are.

So whether you love administration, tech, video, design, personal assisting, or something else, virtual assisting may just be the perfect model to fit your work goals and lifestyle!