How to Write Thank You Letters to Woo Your Clients & Collaborators

How to woo your clients & collaborators with a well written thank you note | Beverly Bean

Sending letters and notes via the trusty United States Postal Service is a dying art.

Putting pen to paper, sealing up your words in an envelope, and sending it off for someone to receive it with delight is a simple way to go the extra mile and show your appreciation and care.

So why aren’t we doing it more?

Because we have email, and texting, and tweets.

While sending your kind thoughts through those mediums is better than nothing, if there is a way to send your note through the mail, do it! It’s unexpected, professional, fun, and beautiful if you’re using stellar stationery and these tools!

Basically, start making a killer impression with your friends, collaborators, sponsors, and clients by sending them a beautiful and personal note!

  1. Lots of Compliments
  2. Synonyms to thank you (grateful, appreciate, etc.)
  3. Simple open and close

That’s it. Three components. We all love real life examples, so here are two letters I recently wrote for some collaborators (who you’ll be seeing very soon!).

Start writing handwritten thank you letters to your clients and collaborators and make a lasting impression!


Hi Shaina! It is so wonderful to have your Boss Balance feature! I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Also, our Skype date to talk about my site was invaluable. I am so grateful for your friendship and expertise. So much love, m’dear! <3 Bev”

Hi Callie! I am so excited about having your stellar Boss Balance feature. It is one of my favorites! Your #creativecoffeehour chat is an absolute delight to my Mondays. Keep up the amazing work! I am so grateful for our collaboration. Thank you! <3 Bev”

So now you’re ready write all the thank you notes to stand out and make a wonderful impression!

Will you write a thank you letter to someone today?