Let's get some initial questions you may have answered:

Are you taking on new clients?

I'm not taking on new clients or freelance work at the moment, but really appreciate the interest!

How did you start your virtual assisting business?

I explain exactly how to get started with your virtual assisting business and give my best tips in my free 5 day training.

Are you taking on content collaborators or press partnerships?

I'm always careful with who I collaborate with and the products I promote, but I'd love for you to get in touch to see if it's a good fit!

Ready to get in touch?

I will always work to answer your inquiry within two business days!

Please note that I am unable to answer specific questions about your business or offer one on one guidance. I offer my best advice and insight over on the blog! If you have a question that'd you like to see a blog post on, feel free to request it below.

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